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6 zeer belangrijke LinkedIn statistieken

15 sep 2022

LinkedIn gebruiken om je zakelijke contacten dicht bij je te houden en te informeren over jouw activiteiten is iedereen inmiddels wel gewend. Al kan het natuurlijk altijd beter! Hieronder een aantal zeer belangrijke LinkedIn statistieken om rekening mee te houden. (Deze zijn met toestemming overgenomen van Richard zijn LinkedIn post en daarom nog in het engels).

1️⃣ The average Client will only use 20 Seconds of his precious time to screen your profile. Practically no reading! Visual content and Keywords is what catches the attention. If you pass, you move to the next round, where he will spend about 2 – 3 minutes doing a deeper dive

2️⃣ The more Clients read/hear your Name, the higher the change they will reach out. On average 7 Times as a minimum, so put your name and added value in their feed by Publishing and Commenting (on) Content.

3️⃣ Do send information like articles, E-Books, White Papers etc. to people when they haven’t asked for it. It’s the main Conversion wrecker! Exchange 1 or 2 messages, to see whether they are open for conversation and then ask if they are interested in receiving this insightful piece of content.

4️⃣ Cherish you 18% of Inner Network. LinkedIn (on average) will show your Post to about 18% of your connections, and of course based on engagement to people in your 2nd and 3rd degree. Think of them as your personal messengers, that help you spread the brand.

5️⃣ 90% of your Clients will come from 5% of Engagement! Huh?
Potential Clients will not engage (like, comment, message) in the first phases of their buyer journey. In stead they will read, watch and download. Don’t worry if you don’t see them in the Comment Section. They are following you!

6️⃣ Don’t be too eager with new connections! 80% will start ghosting you when you follow up too quickly trying to start a personal conversation or to convert them in clients. After connecting wait a few days and send them a “thank you” message as a conversation starter. Don’t sell without relationship!

Richard van der Blom

Richard van der Blom is Social Selling en LinkedIn expert, auteur "Social Media Management" en organisator van het jaarlijkse LinkedIn Congres. Hij spreekt regelmatig op congressen en seminars over LinkedIn en Social Selling. Daarnaast helpt hij organisaties en salesteams met het implementeren van Social Selling (verhoogde leadgeneratie door slim en sociaal (online) actief te zijn). Vanuit zijn recruitment achtergrond verzorgt hij tevens regelmatig LinkedIn trajecten en trainingen op het gebied van mobiliteits- en outplacementvraagstukken.